iPhone ゲーム開発大作戦はiPhoneゲーム開発ワークショップに

iPhone ゲーム開発大作戦はiPhoneゲーム開発ワークショップに変わってた。
著者を調べるとiPhone Games Projectsというのを書いているみたい。

What you’ll learn
How to optimize games using iPhone SDK tools such as Instruments and Shark, and how to optimize your graphics and sound files for the best performance
Insight into the art and craft of game design
How to implement social networking in your game with RESTful web services
Tips on rapid game development with C on iPhone
How to increase your market by developing games that run on iPhone, Mac OS X, Linux, and Windows
How to create multiplayer iPhone games
Who is this book for?
All iPhone game developers, and anyone with an iPhone who wants to learn how games are made.